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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Greetings from the Philadelphia airport! I am enjoying my four hour layover by working on the very last draft of my note. I intend to put a fair amount of energy into it over break, but then I am officially done, no matter what. I just paid $29.95 to be able to access the internet 5 times in 180 days over the AT&T wireless provider. I would feel ripped off if being online at the airport didn't make me so happy. I love technology. I also love first class. This morning I had these delicious little chocolate creme filled things that were kind of like a generic version of those Pepperidge Farm pirouette stick things, or whatever they're called. Anyway, they were good. And this next flight is almost six hours, so I will get to fully enjoy all the perks, and all the snacks. I never drink on planes, but if it's free, maybe I should. One funny thing was that, including myself, and being kind, the average age in first class this morning was about 55. So much for fantasies of meeting some hot, rich guy who wants to fly me around in first class for the rest of my life. I've flown first class several times before, so at least I didn't have my hopes up. It's usually a bunch of old men and pilots and some giddy old lady who got bumped from a coach flight. I'm going to spend this flight preparing for my fantasy baseball drafts, finally finishing the novel I started over Christmas break, and eating fancy snacks. |
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