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Sunday, March 13, 2005

I have been so busy for the past week, that I have completely lost track of any sense of what day or time it is. I have felt like that often enough before, but never so completely. Work is the most overwhelming it has ever been. They expect me to complete multiple urgent projects instantly, while refusing to acknowledge that since I only work like 12 hours per week, that is simply not possible. No matter how much I try to communicate with them, the just expect miracles. I don't think it would be difficult at all if I was working full time, but as it is, I am left feeling frustrated and depressed, and end up so overwhelmed that I can hardly function at all. We also had our journal symposium this past Thursday and Friday. It was about the intersection of science and law regarding the culpability of children. There was a lot of anxiety leading up to it, but everything went smoothly. But it was completely exhausting. Especially since we went out with one of the speakers Thursday night, and that didn't conclude until 3am. And just being "on" all day for two days is tiring in itself. But it was interesting, and well worth the energy. As soon as I dropped three speakers off at the airport Friday afternoon, I picked a friend up at the airport, and have been entertaining since. She is sleeping now, after quite a night last night (dinner and drinks, lesbian dance bar - very, very not my thing, kissing the hottest guy I have ever spoken to, crazy, drunken episode by my friend...), so I am finally having a much needed interlude of silence. But of course, all I can think is that I should be doing my crim pro reading, although I will probably put that off until tonight. And now my mind is beginning to race with the other dozens of things I need to do... :( |
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