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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I just filled out my supplemental character and fitness application for the bar. I was dreading it since the first one was such a hassle, but it wasn't so bad. The first one, on the other hand, was awful. It is not designed for someone who, even at 25, had lived at probably 20 addresses since age 18, and had even more jobs. They should really re-think the purpose of the application. It is basically a memory/record keeping test, not a test of character or fitness to practice law. Now I just need to actually go turn my application in (after I get that other form back from the registrar). Hopefully I will do a better job with this than with the passport application I have had in my trunk for nine months. My excuse for that is that I have been waiting for a day when I think I will look good in my passport picture. I should get over that, especially if I want to go to Europe this summer. Hopefully I will turn both in within the next couple of weeks. Then I can be a lawyer and a world traveller. |
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