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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I just read the program for the PILF auction like four times. I am so disappointed that I can't go. I have class through virtually the whole thing. It was a lot of fun the last two years, and this year they have substantially better items up for bid. Lots of the silent auction items are awesome, not just $5 gift certificates and bobbleheads. And the final auctioneer, rather than being a professional (and law student) who is just not right for the setting, is my very favorite professor. Oh, I'm missing all the fun. But I have to say, some of the auction items leave me wondering just who is going to actually pay for these items. For example, one live auction item is being privately serenaded by a 2L. No matter how amazingly talented he may be, the only reasons I can think of to bid on that are if you have a crush on him or if you are his friend and want to somehow use it to humiliate him. But I may be wrong; the money is going to a good cause. And then there is lunch for one with some random attorney in Toledo. Now, I suppose if you are from Toledo and are looking for a job in the attorney's particular field, this could be potentially useful. But probably not. Probably it will just be an awkward lunch for two in Toledo. One thing I am pleased by is Professor Michaels and Davies taking students to Alana's, which I think is probably one of the three best restaurants in Columbus. Quite a few other professors have branched out from the overrated Mitchell's as well this year. And then there's all the home cooking. Great in theory, but I would be nervous spending a couple hundred dollars on a meal that may be amazing or may be not so amazing. Even if I wouldn't end up winning anything, I really wish I could go. Do you think I can text message my bids? |
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