Randomness from a 2005 graduate of The Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University


Saturday, April 30, 2005

I went to the driving range this morning and it went quite well. From my perspective at least. I didn't miss the ball or hit it into the ground or hit it sideways. All good things. I think I was doing a good job practicing the things my teacher told me to. Except for following through. It is as if my feet are bolted to the ground when I swing. I need to work on that. People who know me know that I don't really go outdoors much, but it was so relaxing to be out in the fresh air. I could like this. |

Thursday, April 28, 2005

First Bush runs the economy into the ground and turns the U.S. into the worldwide bully, and now he bumps The OC.... |

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I am working essentially full time through the end of May. The only motivation for doing so was to make as much money as possible before I stop working for 2 1/2 months. But it turns out there is another great benefit. I have been less than enthusiastic about my job for some time now, but I have maintained hope that it would become interesting and challenging again once I was full time. Just since yesterday, when the attorneys became aware I was available full time again, it has transformed back into the job I am excited to do for the rest of my life. Now that my available time is not so random and limited, I already have two big litigation projects to work on that will almost certainly be ongoing when I return from the bar exam. I also have several other new assignments that I'm not dreading at all. Working full time permits me to do the work I'm excited about and makes the less exciting work not so bad. I am once again looking forward to being a lawyer. |

Monday, April 25, 2005

This year I am taking golf seriously. Today I started a series of 6 lessons (or more). It went quite well from my perspective, but I'm less than certain that the teacher would agree. I have promised to practice at least once in between each lesson. I need to, because in about six weeks I also start a new golfer league and I don't want to entirely humiliate myself. At some moments I can see myself potentially really liking golf - it is nice to actually go outdoors, I like games with lots of rules, and I like how each little adjustment has an impact. But then I start thinking, when will I ever actually play? Will it be too frustrating? Will I become addicted and spend way too much money on it? Who knows, but for the next 12 weeks or so, I am all about studying for the bar and learning to play golf. |

Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's early, but fantasy baseball is already consuming me. I joined two leagues, one of which was supposed to be my "easy" league. I'm in 9th place in that one. I was in 1st in the other, although I fell to 2nd today. There is no comfort in being in the early lead, because that always changes, but 9th place feels unsurmountable. My teams are solid, just not outstanding. So frustrating. Not as frustrating as watching real baseball though. |

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Warning: Unhappy post

My psycho ex has been charged with domestic violence. I don't know why I care, and I definitely don't know why I'm surprised. But learning this has me all shaken up. For some reason I feel dirty and angry and scared and all kinds of other emotions. I don't like to be reminded that he really does exist and is as bad as I remember. It's easier to let him be a vague, unpleasant memory. I guess mostly I'm concerned that he will get off and he will continue to torture whoever the girl is and make her feel even worse than she already does. I wish I didn't even know. Why do people like him exist? Sometimes I think I am finally ready to date again, but at moments like this, I don't think I will ever be. |
Last night was the 3L sendoff. It started with a class photo that proved that after 3 years of law school, we aren't smart enough to arrange ourselves by height. Then there were announcements and speeches and honoring of the outstanding professor. He is a nice guy, but when I was in his class he made me feel violent. Anyway. And then there was the pub crawl. It was highly entertaining. It is funny how at that type of event you end up talking to people you can't stand and you also end up talking to people you really like but never get the chance to talk to. For one night, everyone is friends. There was far less over the top, trying to get laid now that it doesn't really matter behavior than I expected. But there was still a little time left when I went home. It was generally a fun, but somewhat low key night. One bar might be my new favorite, but the rest were not places I would choose to go. But in the spirit of whatever, I'm glad I went, and I'm kind of hoping there will still be another end of the year event. There's nothing like the end of school to make people inappropriately sentimental, me included.

By the way, I hate snow! It's nearly May!

And happy Passover. |

Thursday, April 21, 2005

It just occurred to me that I should consider how long I'm going to keep this blog up after graduation. I have virtually nothing interesting to say now, so I'm guessing while I study for the bar exam I will be even more boring. And once I start working, I think it is probably wiser not to continue posting. So I better hurry up and write some interesting posts. |

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I lost the trial last night, but that's okay. It was relativey fun, and now that class is OVER, so there is no point in thinking about it. And Thursday at 5:30 another class will be over. I can't believe how quickly everything is coming to an end. I think my last couple weeks of law school are turning out to be some of the busiest I've had over the past three years. Next Tuesday I intend to sleep all day. I can't wait. |

Monday, April 18, 2005

It is just a few hours until my final trial for trial practice. I am nervous, excited, relieved, and just generally wired. I mostly hope I don't embarrass myself or make Judge Marbley think I'm stupid. Even if it doesn't go perfectly, which nothing ever does, I think I can handle being moderately competent. In about 9 hours this class will officially be over and I will have four more classes, and three more exams to go before I am DONE. |

Friday, April 15, 2005

I just got free chipotle. That totally made my day. Now for a very, very busy weekend... |

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I got my very own office last week. It was quite exciting. I am definitely still looking around, excited and impressed. I have had many jobs in the past which, under ordinary circumstances, should have included an office, or at least my very own cubicle. But my circumstances were never ordinary. I was always the new girl, or traveling, or a contract employee, or just the one most willing to be flexible. There were times where I did my work on my lap in the hallway. Generally, I was “lucky” enough to have a table next to the copier or a rolling computer desk shoved between some tables in a warehouse or some other makeshift workspace. I never complained, or even minded that much, but it sure is fun to have a grownup office at last.

My new office happens to be really quite ugly at the moment, but I don’t mind. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible for off white walls to be ugly, but it is. Not to mention the dark green wall...? I am confident that once I decorate I won’t really notice too much. But I feel like I should wait to decorate until after the bar exam. To do it now somehow seems presumptuous. I have grand plans for my wall decorations. Secret plans. When it is ready, I am going to force everyone I know to come visit and admire my walls. I also have one of the ugliest desk chairs manufactured in 1972. Soon that will be replaced with the black leather chair that every attorney at my firm has (unless they choose to spend exorbitant amounts of their own money on a chair of their choice). And I guess I should get some fake plants or something, and maybe some picture frames that come with nice, normal, attractive looking families in them. But really, as the head partner said yesterday, now that I have an office, all I need is a license to practice law. I love having an office. |

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I am currently doing work outdoors, in the sun. At this moment, that makes me almost as happy as I was a few weeks ago doing work overlooking the ocean. Almost.

I am really sad about school ending. In many ways, these have been three of the most enjoyable years of my life, because it was such a wonderful break from the real world to be able to just focus on learning again, and, in particular, about such interesting, important, challenging topics. I will never have the luxury again of learning for its own sake in quite the same way. There are many things I am looking forward to about the future, of course, but I am still sad that this phase of my life is ending.

I tried to post this the other day, but you know how blogger can be... One of the funniest moments of my law school career (and we all know just how hilarious law school is, right?) occurred the other day when it was revealed in class that Judge Sutton did not know what a Smurf was. Who doesn't know what a Smurf is??? They are part of American culture. History, even. He tried to blame it on not letting his children watch much television, but I grew up only allowed to watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and I still know what Smurfs are. This was particularly funny because he had begun the class attempting to use various pop culture/sports metaphors to describe white collar crimes. Attempting, I said. But the man, a federal circuit judge, doesn't know what a Smurf is. Sometimes being able to reference Caligula and knowing what year the Sherman Act was passed only go so far. |

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I know people seem to like Bo Bice, but I really wish at least one of the judges would have called him on the fact that he totally forgot the lyrics. For being an experienced performer, I thought that really made him look amateurish, even though he smiled through it. There is no one this time I am really rooting for except Anwar, and I don't think there is any way he's making it to the end. He's just too bland. |

Monday, April 04, 2005

I suppose I ought to write something new. Things are rather crazy as school comes to an end. My final trial for trial practice is two weeks from today, so that's my first major thing to worry about. Then three days later is my legal profession exam. It is so hard to care in that class. If I didn't like our new professor, it would really make me crazy. I only have two other exams, which are at the very end of the exam period, so that gives me plenty of time to prepare. But I still feel frantic. In two weeks there will be tons of relatives in town for my grandfather's birthday, then the following weekend is passover, and then it's exam time. It just feels like there isn't enough time for everything.

I guess maybe it's time to reflect on law school, or something like that. I really have enjoyed it the vast majority of the time since the very beginning. Sure, there were lots of days where I was exhausted or bored or anxious, but overall, it has been interesting and worthwhile. Here are what I think were the best things about law school, from my perspective.

1. Professors - I think the absolutely best thing about Ohio State is the professors, and I give them a lot of credit for making law school a positive experience for me. Even in the classes I didn't like, I always felt like I had professors who were dedicated to teaching and who were really there for the students. The professors I have developed relationships with over the past three years have taught me so much, I can't even put it into words. It has always felt like an honor that these amazing scholars are willing to welcome me into their world and always treat me with respect. I have gotten to know several brilliant, funny, giving, and wonderfully unique professors, and I hope that I am able to stay in touch with them in the future.

2. Practical experiences - A lot of people complain that law school doesn't teach you how to be a lawyer, and that it needs to be more practical. Without any great effort on my part, I found that there were numerous opportunities for practical experience while in law school, and that they were, in fact, highly beneficial. I took part in the legislation clinic (volunteering in a state senator's office), the judicial externship program (externing for a federal district court judge), and the prosecution practicum (prosecuting misdemeanors). These three experiences let me put what I had learned into action, and gave me three very diverse perspectives on important aspects of the practice of law. Each one strongly impacted my perception of the law and what I think I want to do with my life. I enjoyed a lot of my traditional classes, but these are the ones that show you how the theoretical classes can be used in the real world.

I can't think of anything else right now that warrants a whole category. Here are the things that were most disappointing to me about law school.

1. The people -After being out of school for four years, I came to law school excited to meet people in my age range, with similar interests, and to develop those life-long friendships you hear about. There have been the few, wonderful exceptions, but for the most part I met people who embody all of the negative stereotypes about lawyers. People who are petty, insecure, arrogant, and only out for themselves. I know that sounds harsh, but it is unfortunately true. I don't mean for that diminish the few awesome people I've met, but I am continually disappointed by the character of the people around me.

That's my only real negative. Maybe sometime soon I will be introspective enough to figure out if I've actually learned anything from law school. |