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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I got my very own office last week. It was quite exciting. I am definitely still looking around, excited and impressed. I have had many jobs in the past which, under ordinary circumstances, should have included an office, or at least my very own cubicle. But my circumstances were never ordinary. I was always the new girl, or traveling, or a contract employee, or just the one most willing to be flexible. There were times where I did my work on my lap in the hallway. Generally, I was “lucky” enough to have a table next to the copier or a rolling computer desk shoved between some tables in a warehouse or some other makeshift workspace. I never complained, or even minded that much, but it sure is fun to have a grownup office at last.

My new office happens to be really quite ugly at the moment, but I don’t mind. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible for off white walls to be ugly, but it is. Not to mention the dark green wall...? I am confident that once I decorate I won’t really notice too much. But I feel like I should wait to decorate until after the bar exam. To do it now somehow seems presumptuous. I have grand plans for my wall decorations. Secret plans. When it is ready, I am going to force everyone I know to come visit and admire my walls. I also have one of the ugliest desk chairs manufactured in 1972. Soon that will be replaced with the black leather chair that every attorney at my firm has (unless they choose to spend exorbitant amounts of their own money on a chair of their choice). And I guess I should get some fake plants or something, and maybe some picture frames that come with nice, normal, attractive looking families in them. But really, as the head partner said yesterday, now that I have an office, all I need is a license to practice law. I love having an office. |
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