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Monday, April 25, 2005

This year I am taking golf seriously. Today I started a series of 6 lessons (or more). It went quite well from my perspective, but I'm less than certain that the teacher would agree. I have promised to practice at least once in between each lesson. I need to, because in about six weeks I also start a new golfer league and I don't want to entirely humiliate myself. At some moments I can see myself potentially really liking golf - it is nice to actually go outdoors, I like games with lots of rules, and I like how each little adjustment has an impact. But then I start thinking, when will I ever actually play? Will it be too frustrating? Will I become addicted and spend way too much money on it? Who knows, but for the next 12 weeks or so, I am all about studying for the bar and learning to play golf. |
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