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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Apparently I'm hanging out with him and all of his friends tomorrow. And he has already mentioned seeing me next weekend too. Am I going to end up his girlfriend without even knowing it? I always complain about not having someone to do things with, so this could be a convenient situation if it continues to proceed like this. How is it that less than a week ago I assumed I wouldn't hear from him again or call him myself, and now I'm worried about "where this is headed"? We had a really good time Friday night, so as long as it doesn't end up serious, I am all for continuing to see him. While I keep my eyes open for someone my age who eats meat.

I just realized how mean that paragraph sounds. I guess it's kind of accurate as to my state of mind, but he does seem really sweet, so I'm going to try to have an open mind and just see what happens. Maybe he has more to offer than I'm giving him credit for. And all the little flaws I can find are a whole lot better than being manipulative or controlling or unfaithful or lots of other things that people can be. I will have an open mind. I will. |
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