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Friday, May 20, 2005

If either of my fantasy baseball teams was real, we would have to go out of business because I couldn't field a team. I do not know how it's possible to have so many injured players at once. On one team I have Thome and Sosa both on the DL, and I finally replaced Ordonez after somehow missing that he was really disabled. Both Sosa and Thome are expected back next week, or so they say. So they always say. On the other team, I have Pineiro who is not even active, but expected back next week, with even some optimism. Then I have Lyon who comes off the DL 5/28 in theory, Woody Williams who will be out until at least June 1, and Mota who is expected back early next week. What should I do? I have such a hard time dropping players for ones who are clearly weaker overall, but at least playing. On the team where all my pitchers are hurt, I can keep them all on the DL, but on the other team, I only have one DL spot. So frustrating. I'm still in 2nd place on the hurt pitcher team though. |
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