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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

SMOKE FREE COLUMBUS!!!!! YAY!!!! Issue 2 failed, and I couldn't be happier. The smoking ban will continue, and those bars that also serve food will not be the only ones that are smoke free. I am so happy. The last few months have been the best months I have ever had going out. All of my smoking friends (everyone but me) still go out just as much as usual; the only difference is they smoke somewhat less, and they do it outdoors. That results in me going home able to breathe and not stinking. My friends who are waitresses (smokers, all of them) all wanted issue 2 to fail too, so I'm happy for them. YAY!!! Smoke free Columbus! I understand smokers complaining, although I have no sympathy, but the bars are going to be just fine. YAY! I feel so much more free to go out because of the smoking ban because I don't always have to weigh how sick the smoke will make me feel. I rarely am pleased with election results, but for once the people of Columbus are consistently standing up for something I feel very, very strongly about - my right to breathe clean air, and the right of those around me to do so - without stopping anyone from smoking, just limiting where they can do it. YAY! |
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