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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yesterday was a great day. The ceremonies were long and kind of boring, but still wonderfully exciting. I think most of us were feeling a sort of exhuberant relief all day, more than anything else. My parents had a party last night, and the best part was that two relatives drove in from the east coast as a surprise. I also got the requisite presents, hugs, and congratulations. I went out after the party and had a very fun night although I exhausted now and can barely walk because of the heels I was wearing yesterday. It did strike me that there are a lot of people I never got to say goodbye to who I will probably never see again. It's not especially sad, because if they were real friends I would actually see them again, but still. I can hardly believe it's all over. I feel like I have to wake up Monday and do law school stuff. I feel compelled to go to the coffee shop, but I don't have any reason to. I did get several law related books as presents, so I guess I could read those until bar review starts. I think I will really celebrate whenever my brain processes that I really am done. Maybe that will be after the bar. |
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