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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The boy and I talked briefly last night. (It's still over). It was weird. There were moments when it felt like nothing changed. And there were moments when it felt like I was talking to someone I didn't even know. And there were moments that were just very sad. I hope he knows that I did like him, probably as much as I could have in such a short time. And I hope he knows that I don't hate him. Just because I couldn't tolerate his behavior doesn't mean I think he's a bad person.

Now I need to focus solely on the task before me. Learning all this so called law in the next month. I'm doing a pretty good job of doing everything I'm supposed to. The one thing I am having trouble forcing myself to do is practice MPTs. I don't doubt the value but they just feel so tedious. Anyway, I hope everyone else is surviving. |
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