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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am taking the night off from bar review. I feel incredibly guilty, but I am absolutely exhausted and I know I won't be able to pay attention to corporations anyway. I'll watch it tomorrow and it will be fine, but right now I feel like I'm about to get in trouble or something. Considering I have the lectures on DVD, I'm kind of impressed that I haven't taken a night off before now. This weekend will be the beginning of intense study mode, so this is my last chance to let my need for sleep win out. I am oddly excited by entering the final stretch. I am really anticipating the feeling of being done. There was no sense of that when school ended because bar review was looming, but one month from now all the studying will be done, the bar exam will be done and I will finally be relaxing (while trying not to think about the three months before results come out). The fact that the end is in sight makes this whole horrible rite of passage a little more tolerable. |
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