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Thursday, June 16, 2005

My patience is wearing thin with going to bar review classes. The first few subjects were painful to sit through, but at least felt somewhat useful. The lecturers told us what issues were more likely to be tested, how to approach them, and what tests to use for different questions of law. The last few lecturers have basically read the outline aloud though. Guess what? After three years of law school I can read. It is so hard to make myself go to class when I am always thinking that I have the same lecturer on DVD. The hardest thing is making myself stay at class when I realize how pointless it is as my eyes start to close around 9pm. I'm glad I decided to go to night classes, but staying awake can be a challenge. I know so many people who have given up on going to class, and I'm not sure why I'm being so stubborn about going. It's hard for me not to do what I'm "supposed" to, and in this case I suppose it's a good thing no matter how much I hate class. At least I am taking class with people I don't know, so the social part of it is just relaxed and friendly, rather than having all the all of the layers of animosity and false friendship that exist with the people who have been together for the last three years. Well, enough complaining - time to get back to studying. |
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