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Monday, June 27, 2005

Sorry for the lack of posts - bar-studying, boy-dating, prosecuting minor misdemeanors, and things like that have been keeping me very busy. Just in time for serious studying, I broke up with the boy. Things were actually going great. He was being really sweet. Reading me remarkably good poetry. We were having lots of fun together and I was feeling more and more comfortable with him. But if nothing else, I have fortunately learned what I will and will not tolerate in a relationship, and there was an incident I just couldn't overlook. In his mind, at least by way of justification, I was overreacting and being too harsh to break up with him over one event. But I know that no event is isolated, and in the past I've always wished, often years later, that I had gotten out the first time I realized that there was something really wrong instead of overlooking it, trying to fix it, making excuses for it, and generally ignoring what I knew to be right. It makes me feel good that I've actually learned something, but still, my natural inclination was still to apologize as soon as he started to get upset. But I knew myself that well, so I was sure to tell my friends beforehand that I planned to break up with him so I couldn't back out of it. Otherwise I would have. Anyway, it's over, I kind of miss him, I'm actually quite sad because I would have liked to meet someone who gave me a little faith in men, and overall I still feel pretty numb but I did enjoy having a diversion. I guess I should have stuck with golf. Speaking of which, I have a puttting lesson to get to. |
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