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Friday, June 10, 2005

Today we "learned" essay and MBE technique and then did two practice essays. There was something about doing the essays that made it all feel so much more real. The first question I totally fabricated constitutional law. I thought it might have something to do with the commerce clause, but that was the best I could manage. I would have been fine on suspect classes or separation of powers, not to mention 1st Amendment rights - but the commerce clause?? It sucked, but that's okay. The second question was torts and I think I did fine. We'll see when I get them back next week, but it didn't cause me any additional stress. Especially because at this point I have not actively studied any of the substantive law I have been learning, I'm not going to freak out about not knowing the intricacies (or basics) of the commerce clause. Just for an example, we did four MBE questions and I got all of them right. That didn't make me feel better; it just would have made me feel stupid if I didn't because they were all about conspiracy and having just had white collar crime that's one thing I ought to know. I'm totally dreading the time when I have to really face all the law that I really don't know. So far we've done torts, con law, and evidence, and next up is criminal law and criminal procedure, so we are still within my comfort zone. Maybe commercial transactions will never come...

On a completely unrelated note, tomorrow I start my golf league. It's a beginnner 9-hole league, but I am totally scared. I don't want to look like a bigger idiot than everyone else or hold everyone up or miss the ball and have people laugh at me. I'm sure it will not only be fine, but be fun, but I always get anxious when I'm going to meet new people.

The boy is on his way over shortly and I am remarkably excited to see him. But I didn't say that. |
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