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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It has been a week since my last, less than positive post, and I figured I should try again. Things are somewhat better, but now I am on the verge of illness from all the stress of the past few weeks. I started working full time last week and it is definitely nice to be back at work. I have lots of interesting assignments lined up and overall I really feel like I ended up in the right place.

I am looking forward to this weekend as a chance to escape from everyone and everything and get my life in order now that school is over. There are a lot of things I need to do so that I don't feel so out of control. I haven't even had a chance to do laundry since I got home from vacation. I need to ship my bar review books back. I need to make it so that there are no remnants of law school in plain view at home. I need to buy things for my office: paint for walls, lamps, radio, diploma frame for undergrad diploma, plants (if the people the firm pays will water them), larger in-box, fake bronze scales of justice, a dozen or so picture frames with photos of my children, and whatever else I can think of that every attorney needs. I need to spend some time alone, not with the best friend who has been making me so crazy lately. Most of all, I just need to sleep so that I can start next week fresh and ready to really enjoy my wonderful new job. Seriously. |
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