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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The weekend has been very relaxing, and has involved lots of movies. I watched Bridget Jones 2, Hitch, Stage Beauty, Alfie, In Good Company, and next up is Million Dollar Baby. I thought Stage Beauty was awesome. In Good Company and Bridget Jones 2 were also both thoroughly enjoyable. Alfie annoyed me because I can't stand when characters talk to the audience. It's really fun when you're the actor, but I can't stand to watch it. Other than that, I liked the movie okay, but it was nothing special. I kept trying to tell if Jude Law and Sienna Miller seemed to be in love in real life while they were filming the movie. I couldn't tell. Hitch was kind of fun, but not nearly as good as I had been told. Everyone I knew thought it was great!, but I was less enthusiastic. I loved the female character because she was so cold and clever. Something to aim for, you know.

I also did a little office shopping as planned, but until I actually put stuff on my wall it isn't going to look put together. But first I have to paint. And actually get my diploma. And earn enough to pay for matting the other stuff I want to hang. |
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