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Friday, September 30, 2005

I have been back at work for almost two months now, and, you know what, I love it. I am working on a huge federal case that is scheduled for trial in a few months and several other smaller cases. I'm doing some foreclosure work, which is far more tolerable than I expected. Everyone is very excited to have me there, appreciates my enthusiasm, and they are very welcoming in a different way than I saw before graduation. I am also so pleased with who they hired to start next fall. All of the summer clerks were very nice and did a good job from what I heard, but the person they hired will fit in really well and will be fun to have around. And nice to look at, too. I am just so grateful that I ended up where I did. I remember going to all those interviews for firms I knew I didn't want to work at and getting sucked into OCI because that's just what you do. So grateful.

Did I mention I'm joining the athletic club? Well, assuming the debt I accumulated in law school (other than loans) doesn't make my credit rating too low, I'm joing. This relates to the last point in that to work at one of the big firms I would have had to pretend I was someone I'm not. Part of what I enjoy about the athletic club is getting to play a role. Acting like I'm the kind of person who belongs to "the club." I am really excited about it though because it will be nice to have a gym two blocks from work, as well as a place to go for lunch or drinks or whatever. If anyone in Columbus ever wants to go, let me know. I'm obsessed.

Now I'm off to spend the night with the friend of the jealousy post. Yeah, I know. |
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