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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm a lawyer. :) |

Friday, October 28, 2005

I just got home and looked at my score breakdown for the bar exam. (Yes, I should be out drinking. That's another story. And soon to be remedied). Anyway, looking at my scores really reaffirms my law school philosophy. In law school I refused to take classes I thought sounded awful. If it was possible to learn them during bar review, I did not want to waste 14 weeks of my life on them. A LOT of people tried to make me nervous about the fact that I did not take secured transactions, commercial paper, or wills. I didn't listen to them in terms of course selection, but I wanted to wait for bar results before I was too insistent that I did the right thing. Other than criminal law (my first, true love) and contracts which was just a really easy question, my next highest essay scores were in those three subjects, being 5, 6, and 6 respectively. And I didn't take sales either. Boring. I am so grateful that I didn't take those classes. So grateful. I took classes I loved. So what if my seminar on advanced topics in criminal law did nothing more than enrich my mind? So what if I know more about cyberlaw than I do about how to format my blog? I enjoyed law school most days because I decided to enjoy it, and it did not hurt me on the bar. So, TAKE THE CLASSES THAT SOUND INTERESTING!

Also, in the last couple weeks as I began to freak out I started second guessing my studying philosophy too. I had a remarkably pleasant summer, splitting my time between studying, golf lessons, prosecuting misdemeanors once a week, and going out with friends. In the midst of it, I was pretty confident that I knew what I needed to do and was doing it. I was also pretty sure that I needed those other outlets to keep myself sane. Had I failed, I would be mad at myself for doing things other than studying, but that would be wrong of me. I needed variety and other stimulants in my life to keep myself focused, and I'm glad I trusted myself rather than giving into fear or peer pressure.

One last thing. I didn't take Barbri, I took Supreme Bar Review. I give it raves.

Thank God it's over. I'm never moving. |
Blogging raises bar passage rates! In Ohio we are 3 for 3! Congrats to Chris and OLS! Also, IL passed the Florida bar ages ago. WE ARE LAWYERS!!! |

Thursday, October 27, 2005

In case things don't go well tomorrow, I'm trying to think of alternative career paths.

1. Window washer - indoor only (not so into the heights thing) - I hate to clean, but for some reason I really like washing windows. Especially if they are really dirty. It's nice to see your hard work pay off right away.

2. Hostess at fancy restaurant - I like to wear nice dresses and I can smile for hours. I was once a waitress and I was horrible at it and when I mix drinks they always taste like pure alcohol, so I think I'm stuck with hostess if I aim for the food service industry. Fast food probably wouldn't work out so well either because it is just too dirty for me. I don't like to get dirty.

3. Coffee shop secret shopper - needs no explanation.

4. Moderately upscale prostitute - I would say high class, but I just can't believe there is much of a market for that in Columbus. I met quite a few not so upscale prostitutes when I worked at the PD's office, and I know I'm a step up from that. I know, it's degrading, dirty, dangerous... Aside from all that and the probably devastating emotional toll, it just sounds like such easy money.

5. Visitor's bureau representative - I am frighteningly enthusiastic about all that Columbus has to offer. First year the CBA rep at orientation told me I should work for the visitor's bureau. Is that what you are supposed to say to a 1L?

6. Restaurant critic - Okay, I would probably do this anyway if I had the chance. I love good food, but am very picky, and I always think people care about my opinions. In college I did an entire tutorial on writing criticism for print media, so it would still be kind of like I was using my education.

7. Peanut vendor - It would be awesome to sell peanuts at baseball games. I would do hockey too. And I would sell cotton candy if I had to even though I think it's gross. I'm not strong enough for beer though. Although maybe I could work up to that, because that's where the tips are. I couldn't get a job as an usher with the Mariners because I had a college degree, so the JD might be a slight impediment, but I could always leave it off my application. Sports almost every night could help make up for the less than stellar wages.

8. Private Investigator - I should already be charging for this. I am way too good at finding out information about people. If I had a license to do it I would have an excuse to take those steps that cross my mind but are out of line as an amateur.

I wanted to think of 10 possible careers so I would go to sleep tonight filled with hope no matter what happens, but I just can't think of anything else I have the right skills for. I'll think about it more if I have to, I guess. Now I'm going to bang my head against the wall to try to knock myself out for the night. |

Monday, October 24, 2005

Still freaking out. And still working. Paranoia is beginning to set in. This week at work I am busier than I have ever been, and I have convinced myself that it is because they are trying to get as much as they can out of me in case they have to fire me Friday. Only 3 more days of not knowing... |

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm not doing so well waiting for bar results. I was generally pretty calm before exams in law school. Except for that time that Starbucks was closed and I couldn't get my mocha. I think I handled the stress of preparing for the bar exam pretty well. I didn't obsess about how many MBE practice questions someone else told me they had done; I just focused on doing what I knew I had to do. I didn't leave the exam second guessing myself and I definitely did not go home and look up the issues I had questions about. But three months of anticipating results is apparently more than I can handle. I can no longer sleep or focus on work or listen to what other people are saying when I'm having a conversation. All I can do is imagine the moment of checking results. My visualization is so real that I forget I'm not actually in the moment. Then I imagine how to tell people if I fail. I think about who to email (work, friends I don't talk to that often). I think about who to text message (good friends who I have to tell but can't bear to speak to). I think about who to never speak to again (family, people from law school, anyone else who falls on the list of people who will think I am worthless if I fail). I think about how early to start drinking. I think about whether there is anyone I would actually be willing to see. I think about how much my firm would be screwed over by me failing. I think about whether or not they would fire me assuming I ever left my house again anyway. This is not healthy.

I also think about what I will do if I pass. I start to imagine who I will call first. I debate if I can get away with taking champagne to the office. I think about where I will go out to celebrate. I wonder who I will celebrate with. I make plans to finally decorate my office on Saturday. And then I start thinking about failing again.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one freaking out, but I hope others are feeling more peaceful I am. Good luck to all. |

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The musician has a girlfriend. There goes the groupie plan. |

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I am not one of those girls who is into musicians. I'm into consultants and lawyers and men in suits. But last night I think I fell in love with a musician. I had seen this guy play once before, and back then I was barely able to control my giddiness when I was introduced to him after the show. I wanted to go see him play again, but I didn't know where to find him. Well, last night I saw him perform again. I was somewhere between ecstasy and asphyxia the entire time he was playing. He is tall and beautiful and when he starts to play everything else gets blurry. His shoes were even shined. He is a magnificent musician. I grew up around this kind of music, and I know what's good, and it is him. I know two places where he is playing in the next two weeks, and I really want to go hear him again. |

Saturday, October 15, 2005

He had his first real date with her and it went well. As he told me about it at breakfast, I knew I did the right thing. Being lonely and selfish is not reason enough to want to date someone, and I really do see him as just a good friend. He looked happier this morning than I have seen in a long time. Going on a date, whatever comes of it, is such a positive move for him, and I think it really reminds him that his life can be meaningful and fun. I saw in him the sort of hope I want to feel, and that in itself made me a little more hopeful. It was a good breakfast. |

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I have a new crush. I haven't actually spoken to him. And he probably didn't even notice me. But he is my new crush anyway. I just have to figure out some way to run into him. Despite my excellent "research" skills, that is still not so easily done, considering he is a complete stranger. He was sitting at the next table today at the democratic judicial salute, so we potentially have politics in common, and maybe he would even recognize me if he saw me again. Maybe I can walk around a lot near his firm. Good plan. |

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I had coffee with OLS yesterday. It was fun to finally meet her. It was kind of strange for her to become a real person rather than a fictional character. I was totally nervous while I was waiting, for no good reason. We had coffee (actually she had chai) and talked about work and friends and guys. And about waiting for bar results. Good times. Hopefully we'll do it again soon.

Yesterday I also helped increase the odds that my friend is actually going to go out with the girl I introduced him to. Before, the situation ended up so that in spite of them both being interested, numbers were not exchanged. And then too much time passed for him to just go in and ask her out where she works without it being awkward. So yesterday I arranged for them to see each other again briefly, checked with her to make sure she would say yes, and then got her number for him to ask her out. He is going to call today and ask her out. From now on, they are on their own, and I hope it goes well. |

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are having a baby? I am slightly tipsy from my evening at the athletic club, so I'm wondering if I'm just imagining it. So confusing. And Nick and Jessica are supposedly getting divorced (again). What is going on in the world? Next thing we know, the president will nominate an undistinguished, close personal friend with no judicial (or trial) experience to the Supreme Court. Oh wait. I guess Tom and Katie is not that shocking. |