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Friday, October 28, 2005

I just got home and looked at my score breakdown for the bar exam. (Yes, I should be out drinking. That's another story. And soon to be remedied). Anyway, looking at my scores really reaffirms my law school philosophy. In law school I refused to take classes I thought sounded awful. If it was possible to learn them during bar review, I did not want to waste 14 weeks of my life on them. A LOT of people tried to make me nervous about the fact that I did not take secured transactions, commercial paper, or wills. I didn't listen to them in terms of course selection, but I wanted to wait for bar results before I was too insistent that I did the right thing. Other than criminal law (my first, true love) and contracts which was just a really easy question, my next highest essay scores were in those three subjects, being 5, 6, and 6 respectively. And I didn't take sales either. Boring. I am so grateful that I didn't take those classes. So grateful. I took classes I loved. So what if my seminar on advanced topics in criminal law did nothing more than enrich my mind? So what if I know more about cyberlaw than I do about how to format my blog? I enjoyed law school most days because I decided to enjoy it, and it did not hurt me on the bar. So, TAKE THE CLASSES THAT SOUND INTERESTING!

Also, in the last couple weeks as I began to freak out I started second guessing my studying philosophy too. I had a remarkably pleasant summer, splitting my time between studying, golf lessons, prosecuting misdemeanors once a week, and going out with friends. In the midst of it, I was pretty confident that I knew what I needed to do and was doing it. I was also pretty sure that I needed those other outlets to keep myself sane. Had I failed, I would be mad at myself for doing things other than studying, but that would be wrong of me. I needed variety and other stimulants in my life to keep myself focused, and I'm glad I trusted myself rather than giving into fear or peer pressure.

One last thing. I didn't take Barbri, I took Supreme Bar Review. I give it raves.

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