Randomness from a 2005 graduate of The Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University


Monday, November 07, 2005

I am now officially an attorney, licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio. As I start this new phase of my life (a very long one, I hope), I thought it would be a good time to reinvent this blog. Accordingly, I have moved. The new blog will be much like the old except for a few things. I intend to write every day. We will see how that goes. But I do not intend to fill it with stupid, boring content. Okay, it might seem stupid and/or boring to the reader, but at least I should think it has some point. So, one change will be that I am going to regularly critique restaurants, movies, books, etc., because I love these things, have very strong opinions about them, and I really like to share my opinions. I even took an entire tutorial in college about how to write criticism. I am also going to write more about current events and politics, because I am informed and I do have opinions. In the past, I have let my exhaustion with the state of the world keep me from writing about these things. But I should get past that and contribute to a dialogue. I will attempt to cut down on writing about my personal life, but I know that is unrealistic, and I know it is one reason that some people read this blog. So, I will still tell stories about funny encounters and I will share if someone comes along who makes me reconsider love or anything momentous happens. But I will try to have enough other comment to balance it. I have also added and deleted links to account for people who have stopped posting and for blogs I read all the time, but was too lazy to link to. Please recommend other good links or if any of the Moritz bloggers come back from the dead. Anyway, this is my farewell post here, and an invitation to visit the new, improved, and not that different Law v. Life. |

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I am excited to be sworn in tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the ceremony itself, which I expect will be quite boring. I am looking forward to finally being able to practice law. There have been so many milestones in the last six months that brought relief and signaled the end of something, but tomorrow is when the change from law student to lawyer finally really occurs. I am very excited that the very first document filed with my name (under someone else's, of course) will be a brief to the supreme court of Ohio. Within the next couple of weeks, I could get up to 200 cases transferred into my name which is slightly terrifying. Most of them are high volume work that is already underway, but it is still scary to be responsible. And in three weeks I might get to examine witnesses at a trial. I was asked to cover a hearing last week, but told the attorney he would have to wait just a little longer. I am so glad I am at a firm where I am going to get to do so much right away, but it is definitely intimidating too. |

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Great fun for my lunch break thanks to OLS. I Never (true ones in bold):

smoked a cigarette (1 pack in high school. I HATE cigarettes)
crashed a friend's car
stolen a car
been in love
been dumped (really I've always done it, but they forced me to)
been fired
been in a fist fight
snuck out of your parent's house
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
been arrested
gone on a blind date
lied to a friend
skipped school
seen someone die (twice, when I worked in healthcare)
had a crush on one of your internet friends
been to Canada
been to Mexico
been on a plane
purposely set a part of yourself on fire
eaten sushi
been jet-skiing
met someone in person from the internet (OLS)
been moshing at a concert
taken pain killers
loved and missed someone
made a snow angel
had a tea party
flown a kite
built a sand castle

gone puddle jumping
played dress up
jumped in a pile of leaves
gone sledding
cheated while playing a game
fallen asleep at work or school

used a fake id
watched a sun set
felt an earthquake
touched a snake
slept beneath the stars
been tickled
been robbed
been misunderstood
petted a reindeer/goat
won a contest
run a red light/stop sign

been suspended from school
been in a car accident (never a serious one)
had braces
eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
had deja vu
danced in the moonlight
liked the way you looked at least at one point in time

witnessed a crime
questioned your heart
been obsessed with post-it notes
squished barefoot through the mud (only as a child; I hate getting dirty)
been lost
been on the opposite side of the country
swam in the ocean
felt like dying
cried yourself to sleep

played cops and robbers
recently colored with crayons
sung karaoke
paid for a meal with only coins
done something you told yourself you wouldn't
made prank phone calls
laughed until some kinda beverage came out of your nose
(one of my father's favorite games)
caught a snow flake on your tongue
danced in the rain
written a letter to Santa Claus
been kissed under the mistletoe by your boy/girlfriend (Still hoping...)
watched the sun rise with someone you care about
blown bubbles

made a bonfire on the beach
crashed a party
gone rollerskating
had a wish come true
worn pearls

jumped off a bridge
ate dog/cat food
told a complete stranger that you loved them
kissed a mirror
sang in the shower (my parents have a steam bath and it is so cool when you sing certain notes)
had a dream you married someone
glued your hand to something
got your tongue stuck to something
kissed a fish or a frog
sat on a roof top
screamed at the top of your lungs

did a one handed cartwheel
talked on the phone for more the 6 hours
stayed up all night

not taken a shower for a week
picked and eaten an apple right off the tree
climbed a tree
had a tree house
admitted you are scared to watch scary movies alone
believed in ghosts
had more than 30 pairs of shoes at the same time (only because I can't make myself throw them away)
worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others would say
gone streaking
gone dingdong ditching
been pushed into a pool/hottub with all your clothes on
been told you're hot by a complete stranger
broken a bone
been easily amused
caught a fish

caught a butterfly
laughed so hard you cried
cried so hard you laughed

laughed so hard you pee your pants
cheated on a test (I just couldn't see the point of memorizing the period table when you can just look at it.)
had or do you currently have a Britney Spears CD
forgotten someone's name
french braided someone's hair
been kissed by someone you didn't like

gone skinny dipping in a pool /lake
been threatened to be kicked out of your house
been kicked out of your house

Good waste of time, but not nearly as fun as when it's a drinking game. |